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I am running a web design business called Web Studio Arachne in Japan. Each year I produce a PDF calendar and offer it to the public. As I could not find any calendar which is simple, functional and easy-to-use, I have decided to design one myself. The calendar can be customized to print in different ways, such as beginning with Monday, beginning with Sunday or showing the entire year on one page. Please feel free to download it and use it however you wish. I hope you like it.


Previous year (2014)

2014-10-30 Notice of Error

On the mini calendar with Sunday start calendar, November 20th was listed for November 29th by mistake. We have already modified the calendar. If you downloaded the calendar before October 30th, please re-download it. Thank you for your understanding.


  • A standard calendar with no extraneous decoration and a simple, minimalist design.
  • The calendar can begin on either Monday or Sunday.
  • There is one date in each square. The 30th and the 31st are not lumped together with the previous week.
  • The calendar can also show the entire year.


Although the calendar may be printed as is, it makes use of Adobe Reader layers and thus it is also possible to select which elements will be printed. Mini Calendars, Week Numbers, Previous and Next Month, Dates, Days. You can freely select and combine any of the above elements.
(Adobe Reader 6 or later is required.)

Week numbers

Monday first version : European-style week numbers are used. Conforms to the ISO 8601 standard and uses the same format as Ashford and Moleskine notebooks.
Sunday first version : American-style week numbers are used. This is the format most commonly used in countries such as Australia and Canada.

Attention: Mac Users

If you are using a Mac and the calendars are displayed overlapping each other, you are probably using the "Preview" software included with the Mac OS. Please try installing the latest version of Adobe Reader and then reopening the file.

PDF-XChange Viewer

When printing in sizes other than A4, the "PDF-XChange Viewer" freeware will be useful. It will allow you to print multiple pages on a single sheet and resize the calendar according to a numerical target size.


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This PDF calendar may be used by anyone without limit and is of course free of charge.
However, if you find it useful and would like to make a small donation, I am accepting voluntary donations via my PayPal account and would be very grateful for your support.

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  • Anyone may freely download and use this calendar. However, copyright is not disclaimed.
  • Any commercial use or redistribution of this calendar is prohibited.
  • You may freely link to this site or this page (however, please refrain from linking directly to the PDF itself).
  • Although I have taken great care in producing this calendar, should you discover any mistakes please alert me via email. Please understand that I cannot be held liable in any way for damages resulting from inaccuracies in this calendar.